Timber Management

 We provide expert technical advice concerning the management of your land. Management includes harvesting timber, reforestation methods, site preparation, timber thinning, fertilizer application, controlled burning, pine straw harvesting and more. 

Sustainable harvesting plans for the future. Columbia Timber's experience has taught us that attention to detail, with a responsible goal that is responsive to the landowner needs, cultivates the best possible harvest. This means getting the right log to the right place - at the right time. 

Columbia Timber practices higher standards. We establish Best Management Pracitices that actively communicate with the land owner and ensure the land is continuously maintained, properly permitted and held to the best standards.  

Biomass Harvesting

Biomass Harvesting North Florida land management site prep

 Columbia Timber uses biomass harvesting to clean up debris and eliminate piling or open burning wood that cannot be sent to a mill. Our unique position in the biomass supply chain allows us to work with clients to provide solutions where there are opportunities in all types of wood and biomass resources. 

This process also reduces carbon dioxide, and potentially methane, which is between 20 and 25 times more potent as a greenhouse-gas than carbon dioxide, from entering the atmosphere. 

Biomass energy is a renewable energy source because the energy contained in the organic materials comes from the sun. Through the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll in plants captures the sun’s energy by converting carbon dioxide that comes from the air, water and from the ground into carbohydrates, complex compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. 

Land Management

land management north florida timber planting stewardship forestry

 ​Columbia Timber uses Best Management Practices to enhance your lands health. Our goal is to help balance the land investment, development specifications and the overall appearance and health of your land. ​These plans are created and executed due to the land owner's goals for their property.

We understand the importance of a well managed forest for the monetary and aesthetic value that is created for future generations to enjoy. These best practices help to maximize the environmental and economic impact on the land.

Real Estate Services

north florida real estate agricultural rural timber land

Columbia Timber Company has partnered with United Country | Land & Lifestyle Properties in an effort to deliver positive results and enhanced value for our customers. 

Through a combination of expert analysis, market knowledge and collaboration our real estate team is poised to provide services from purchase to sale and/or the leasing of an asset. We assist with all types of real estate assets for clients at any stage of their ownership cycle.

Our experienced real estate team uses top notch marketing and financial acumen to achieve optimum prices for our clients, whether it's a disposition or acquisition of an asset or assets. Our team excels at providing the most rewarding and certain path to a closing.

Environmental Services

environmental wetland delineation north florida ecology ecological assessments wildlife management

Columbia Timber Company offers assistance with ecology, forestry, urban forestry and development needs. 

These services range from wetland delineations and ecological assessments to wildlife enhancement on your property. 

Due diligence is always followed and any environmental permits that are necessary for your property will be discussed.