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 Jib Davidson started Florida Forestry Services, a timber consulting firm, in 1984. As a timber consulting company, Florida Forestry Services managed timberland and sold timber on a client fee basis. The company's services included timber appraisals, timber market analysis, developing forest management plans, analyzing timber investment opportunities, site preparation and overseeing the planting of thousands of acres, bought and sold timberland for their customers, analyzed landowner timber tax situations and sold timber. The focus was primarily on private landowners and industrial timberland. Norman McRae joined Florida Forestry Services in 1987, when a friendship blossomed. 

In early 1989, Florida Forestry Services added an important dimension to its timber management program. As a consulting forestry company, it was obvious that Florida Forestry Services was unnecessarily charging timber sale fees and, as a consultant, its timber market information was somewhat out of touch with the timber industry. 

The pair of foresters decided to join forces and created Columbia Timber Company in 1989. It was a logical extension of the timber consulting business. Columbia Timber Company is a timber dealer and land management company utilizing professional foresters and state-of-the-art computerized technology to assist clients with land management. Along the way Jib and Norman developed a Timber Investment Program (TIP) that successfully integrates established financial analysis techniques with traditional forest management techniques.

The TIP is a unique program that incorporates Jib's forest management and finance experience with Norman's timber management and logging skills. Both hold college degrees in their respective fields of expertise; however, emphasis is on forest management with financial analysis, as this is an important attribute that Jib brings to the private landowner. The result is better managed timberlands for private landowners.

Columbia Timber Company integrated thinnings and harvesting with land management. This has resulted in better timing of timber sales, better timber market analysis, and most importantly, direct responsibility for all logging and harvesting operations. While the two companies ran concurrently, most landowners saw the cost benefits of working with a timber company rather than a consulting company, and now are managed by the TIP. 

Columbia Timber Company has based its reputation on exemplary customer service, and providing scientific as well as financial approaches to forest management and expert timber harvesting. Today, Columbia Timber Company uses a financial and biological approach to forest management based on constant information from the forest products industry. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Columbia Timber Company has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!