Timber Harvesting Services

Designing A Plan That Meets Your Goals and Objectives

The key to a successful timber sale is to properly assess the forest products and to insure that the timber is harvested correctly.

A forest produces several different forest products, each differing in value in timber harvesting. Columbia Timber Company manages forest land for land owners. Our staff is composed of college educated, field trained and certified foresters. Our entire staff shares the common vision to reach landowner objectives. It is our responsibility to ensure that the correct forest product is sent to the correct mill. We have explained the process in better detail below:

Step One 

In order to perform a proper site assessment, we will need to know where your timber is. In order for us to discuss what the best options for your property are we will need to know who owns the timber and what county it is in. The owner is the name registered on the county property appraiser's website. The property might be listed under an owner's name, a husband and wife, a partnership or a corporate name.

Our team will develop a map of your property, outline the timber sale area and compute the acreage. The map has our contact information on it and can be sent to you electronically, in the mail or picked up at the office. Jib Davidson or Norman McRae, our foresters, will visit the property to visually assess the timber. If you wish, an appointment may be set up so you may meet them on site.  

We will need to know what your objectives are. This might be a brief statement, or it might be a discussion. Your harvesting objective will determine how the timber is harvested. A few discussion ideas might be:

I want to sell all of my timber because I want the money

I want to sell all of my timber and then sell my property

I want to keep the property, but improve the wildlife habitat 

Should my timber be thinned? If so, how much?​

Step Two

Either Norman or Jib will evaluate your timber to determine what forest products are there and to which mill the timber should go. Typical forest products include:

Pine pulp wood

Small pine saw timber (chip-n-saw)

Large pine, or hardwood saw timber


Hardwood pulpwood

Plus many more!​

Then, each timber product is individually priced, based upon what each mill is paying. Columbia Timber Company will choose the highest paying mill, which will maximize your revenue.

Step Three

Assuming there are no access problems, Norman will move our crew onto your property and start harvesting. The crew is supervised by Norman and they will keep track of each load through the end of each week we harvesting.

Back in the office, we will receive a settlement sheet from each mill at the end of the following week. We will compare each mill's settlement sheet with the crew's records to ensure there is a match and will prepare a Columbia Timber Company settlement sheet that shows each load, the date, the mill location, the weight of each load (tons or cords) and the settlement amount for each forest product. We will prepare a check, have the settlement sheet checked by Jib, and mail it to you by Friday of the second week.  

At the landowner’s option, Norman and Jib will prepare a reforestation plan at no charge. The management plan will outline where to buy the best seedlings, how to site prepare the property and how to get the land planted. They can help with this process. 

Jib and Norman are professional foresters. Be sure to cal us with any questions. Typical topics include:

Harvesting timber


Tree genetics

Investment analysis

Timber tax issues

How to sell any real property

Agricultural service

And many more 

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