Land Management Services


Land Management Plans

 Land management plans are created to document management goals, objectives, and other necessary information for consistent and effective management of the land owner's property. 

Timberland requires active management to attain its full potential. Management plans may differ, depending on current land, soil, timber characteristics and your goals. 

Whether you’re a new investor, a landowner just taking over ownership of family property, or a seasoned landowner, Columbia Timber works with you to evaluate the specific qualities that can enhance your property and influence your investment. 

Using cutting-edge technology and insights from top research institutions, Columbia Timber's certified foresters assess the short and long-term investment objectives before creating your custom landownership plan. 

Acquisition of Property

We offer real estate services that are dedicated to finding the perfect property to fit your needs. Our highly experienced and licensed real estate professionals find information that is paramount to helping you make a good investment. 

Columbia Timber works with United Country Real Estate Property and Auctions, and other United Country affiliates throughout the country, to gather information you'll need to make an informed decision on purchasing property. 

Columbia Timber Company's inspection reports and in-depth property research help create a financial perspective of the potential property. 

Timber Cruising and Appraisals

A timber cruise is the first step in understanding how much timber is on your property. Timber cruising and appraisals are used to establish the current volume of timber on the property and an estimate on the current value of the timber.  

One of our certified foresters will visit the property to inspect the timber where they will use various techniques to estimate the volume of timber you currently have. 

Once the volume of timber has been estimated, a timber appraisal can be started. The volume, species, average age and type of tree are a few of the items taken into consideration when creating a timber appraisal.  

GIS Mapping

Columbia Timber can create custom maps of your property. These maps can display information ranging from property lines to the type of soil in given areas of your land. 

These maps aid in the decision making process for the type of timber that will grow best, and assist in increasing the value of your property. Custom tailored maps also aid in the creating, and implementation, of land management plans. 

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning aids in safely reducing excessive amounts of brush, shrubs, and trees.

This encourages the new growth of native vegetation, and maintaining the many plant and animal species whose habitats depend on periodic fire. Prescribed burning also helps reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire on our lands and surrounding communities.

Chemical Applications

A range of different chemical treatments has been developed to enhance the durability and service life of timber. Such chemical treatments impregnate the wood cells, making them resistant to decay, insects, weather or fire. 

When used in environments in which there are known biological hazards, it is cost-effective to specify treated timber and expect a longer service life or a lower cost maintenance schedule. Remember though that treatment of timber is not a fail safe solution that will prevent any biological degradation. 

The preservative treatment of timber or timber products involves the introduction of stable chemicals into the cellular structure of timber that protect the timber from hazards such as wood destroying organisms like fungi and insects. 


Site Preparation

The purposes of site preparation are to reduce the competition of unwanted vegetation in order to increase the survival and growth rate of the desired trees, remove slash and logging debris if the site has been harvested, and
to prepare or modify the soil.

Ultimately, Columbia Timber Company wants to provide better light, nutrients and moisture to make conditions favorable for your timber to grow at a healthy rate.  

Tree Planting (Reforestation)

Tree planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings to your property. Planting, or reforesting, your property generates future income from your investment. 

Columbia Timber Company's certified foresters use land management plans, timber cruises/appraisals, GIS mapping and site preparation to determine the best seedling for your property.  

Timber Taxation Issues

Well managed forests provide wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, aquifer and watershed protection, and produce timber products and energy. Federal taxes exert an important influence on private forest management, land tenure, and conservation. 

Columbia Timber Company's experts will aid you through the various tax benefits that may be provided for your property. Our goal is to assist you in maximizing your revenue and achieving your objectives for your property. 

Range/Wildlife Habitat Management

There are management strategies and practices that can greatly influence the value of timberland, cattle range and wildlife habitat. Our team works with the landowner and governing bodies to ensure these goals are kept in mind. 

Expert Witness/Damage Assessment

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